Robert Shadbolt
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Robert Shadbolt graduated from the RCA in 1984. Since then he has sustained a diverse and varied career working for clients in editorial, advertising, design, the web, publishing, textiles and ceramics. Over the past ten years the computer has added to range of materials he can use in that he is able to draw together the many strands of his work combining painting, drawing and photography and his archive of found material.. He also runs the Illustration Pathway at Salford University. Here he is able to explore with the students the potential of illustration and drawing in the world today; a recent project examining the way we draw the human head produced almost 6000 images, you can see some of the results on his flickr stream. His work still predominantly relies on drawing which means he's on a constant search for the perfect drawing implement. He used to buy pens and get advice from Philip Pool(1909-1999) the legendary pen expert of Drury Lane, London. Time is now spent trawling eBay looking for nibs and pens like Sommerville's Alfred and the Pelican Graphos. He currently works on a project which explores the Fornasetti Themes and Variations as inspiration. Replacing the face of Lina Cavalieri with the face he draws on an reoccurring basis, the smiling contented face with eyes closed; which probably derives more from illustrators like Savignac, Paul Rand and Saul Bass, although the more he looks the more he sees the face almost everywhere.